NANIWA Whetstone

NANIWA offers you the excellent SHARPNESS

It is the sharpeness that you need to make the your envision come alive.
However well your knife is, its sharpness as a knife will be lost after using. So it is necessary to maintain knives by sharpening.

NANIWA stones are products which combine the grinding power and polishing power. These will help you to get your knives sharp in detail and smooth sharpness. This sharpness ensures you to step up into the next level of your performance as well as improve the value of your creation.

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We, NANIWA, face our products day by day to catch up expertise of cutlers of knives as well as well artisans who use knives. With over-80-year technology and high quality, NANIWA sharpening stones are receiving a favorable reputation all over the world.

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